100000words is the business/creative think tank of Aaron J. Smith.

Hi. I’m Aaron.Picture 1

I am a husband & father, photographer, designer, Jesus follower, writer, thinker, poet, musician, striving artist, coffee lover, beer drinker, and wine imbiber at large. Basically, a huge nerd who has a lot of fun taking creative pictures, making kick ass graphics, and creating personalized web spaces for everyone I can.

I do both digital and print graphic design and really enjoy using design as a visual medium to convey the heart and attitude of anything and everything I can.

I also can make a pretty sweet website.

If you live in the Portland, OR area (or want to pay for my travel… just saying), I would love to shoot you… with my camera. Not a gun. That’s bad. Family photo shoots, senior and couples portraits, weddings, bands, concerts, events… whatever. I’m up for it all.